Media Makers

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We produce video and audio content for youtube, websites, facebook, spotify, instagram, linkedin, soundcloud, vimeo, etc..
We design motion graphics for Online and Television.
KurtaDocs is our sister company for the production of documentaries.
The podcasts are also produced by KurtaDocs.
Literally under the broadcast tower in Hilversum, we produce various content for the national radio and TV channels, such as promos, leaders, bumpers & teasers.
We produce Webcasts for companies, institutions and organizations with our own facilities.

our approach

Together with companies and institutions, we devise visual and auditory concepts, design and stories.
We can also implement these ideas practically and technically. We also have the expertise to place the content on social media, the internet, national radio & television and streaming. Content is leading for us.


We always start with a no-obligation conversation. We believe that getting to know each other is an important condition for a pleasant working process that ultimately achieves a good result.


We will give you a cost indication after we know what the idea, purpose and means are.
Jaap Leertouwer(webcast)


Peter Visscher(video)


Gert-Jan de Vries(podcast)


Witte Kruislaan 55a Hilversum, entrance at 3rd barrier
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